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Christmas Stockings   


We have everything for your needlepoint hobby: needlepoint canvases, kits, finishing  services, supplies, yarn and threads. We provide a wide variety of choices in categories such as:  Christmas stockings, Judaic needlepoint, kimonos, belts and equestrian needlepoint. Not only do we sell needlepoint canvases, but our prices on the web include the needlepoint kit using wool and/or pearl cotton according to your selection.  You will never run short of threads --- if you ever need more, you just e-mail me and I'll send you more --- at no cost!  


The needlepoint canvas is an open, even-weave mesh, with large spaces or holes to allow heavy threads to pass through without fraying. Canvas is sized by mesh sizes, or thread count per inch.  Popular mesh sizes are 10, 12, 14, 18, and 24 (Congress Cloth). You will see these different types of needlepoint canvases described on our site as mono or penelope.  Mono canvas is used for hand-painted canvases as well as counted thread canvaswork.

Mono 10 - means there are 10 holes to the inch --- larger holes, perfect for the novice stitcher;
Mono 13 - means there are 13 holes to the inch;
Mono 18 - means there are 18 holes to the inch --- small holes, canvas design can have intricate details.

Designs can be framed or finished as pillows.   Take a look at this new pillow design which features four different needlepoint triangles.To see all of these triangle designs, enter Pillow Triangle in the search box at the top of the page. 

needlepoint pillow

Frames The needlepoint canvas is stretched on a scroll frame or tacked onto a rectangular wooden frame to keep the work taut during stitching. A frame is highly recommended to prevent the canvas from getting out of shape, which may not be able to be fully corrected during blocking.  

NeedlepointBelt Scroll Frame 

Once you've finished stitching your canvas or belt, you can send it back to me for finishing. Here is a page to help those of you who have and interest in learning to Needlepoint. Begginer's Corner (click here) All of the handpainted canvases shown on Needlepoint Shop.com are selected with our customers in mind. We only carry stitch painted and handpainted needlepoint canvas designs from the top needlepoint artists. Whether you are an experienced needlepointer or just beginning, we can offer suggestions on that perfect needlepoint project.

So, we welcome you come in and browse in our on-line store, contact us with questions and enjoy your needlepoint project.

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